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Zazzle product buyer information for FREEU known as freeu_ (that is freeu underscore) on for 2017-2018.

#1   Go to


put freeu_ in the search bar in the upper left of your screen and hit enter (that is freeu underscore).  The search bar says enter product in grey.  You will enter freeu_

#2   Browse


any of our thousands of product selections.  Tote bags, T-shirts, greeting cards, phone and e-reader skins, hats, blankets, Arenal items, Christmas ornaments, you name it.


#3 -  Choose



#4   Modify if desired.


Put any illustrations, wording, or pictures into the modification of any of the products that you buy in .jpg (jpeg) format. The size of the resulting image needs to be at least about 1/2 of a page (about 1200 x 1000 pixels). All illustrations and pictures must be at least 300-400 dpi. Put any captions for the image into the image itself with the text function of an image program. We use the program called which you can download from and other sources. OR Use the text function on the Zazzle modification screen.

#5 - Freeu and Zazzle will accept any pictures or text for product modification except porn, hate material and copyrighted items.

#6 - By submitting a picture or wording for publication as a product modification you as the author are certifying that the material in the picture or on the slogan is original to you and that it is not from any other copyrighted source.

#7   Buy


#8   Ship  


You can get free shipping for a year on almost all products on Zazzle for about 10 bucks (Zazzle black standard).



#9 - How product royalties work with our company.
PRICING: The price of the product you buy on Zazzle in the US is generally set at the manufacturing or wholesale level.
ROYALTY percentages for our designers: range 5-20% net (15% net for most price points).

#10    Helping our own community!


How product royalties work with our company in helping our community.
ROYALTY percentages are generally around 15% net.  We donate 1/3 of all royalties received from Zazzle back to our community.  Currently we are working with Central United Methodist church in Spencer, NC and with Small Breed Rescue in Salisbury, NC.  Other organizations will be coming on board later in 2018.

PAYMENT is made twice a year to these organizations at the end of the first and third quarters (in May and October).

#11 - Contact information:


Email -

Regular mail - Freeu, 240 Skysail Rd., Salisbury, NC 28146

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