2016-2017  seminar  4-8 hours

Course Prefix, Number, Title:Changes in the 2014 NEC Code

Required Textbook(s): Student text is: The NEC 2014 codebook (about $75, available at your local electrical supply house)

Instructor's texts are: The student textbook and the current edition of the Analysis of Changes Book 2014
Item #:
 (This is available from,, or for about $65 new OR about $33 used from Amazon)

Required Materials: Standard electrical hand tools and reference books.

Student Outcomes: Upon completion of this course the student will have a general overview of the course material covered and will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

1) Read and interpret NEC code changes

2) Plan and Layout an Electrical Project

3) Apply the NEC to Industrial Electrical Installations


Course topics to choose from for the half day or all day seminar include:

Article 90

General, Articles 100-110

Wiring and Protection, Articles 200-285

Wiring Methods, Articles 300-399

Equipment for General Use, Articles 400-480

Special Occupancies, Articles 500-590

Special Equipment, Articles 600-695

Special Conditions, Articles 700-770

Communications Systems, Articles 800-830

Tables, Article 900

New 2014 NEC code examples include:

New: 110.21(B) Field-Applied Hazard Markings New: 110.25 Lockable Disconnecting New: 110.23(E)(2) Equipment Space for Outdoor Installations New: 210.8(A)(10) GFCI Protection for Dwelling Unit Laundry Areas New: 210.8(D) GFCI for Kitchen Dishwasher Branch Circuit New: 210.12(A)(1) thru (A)(6) AFCI Protection for Dwelling Units New: 210.17 Electric Vehicle Branch Circuit New: Table 250.102(C) Sizing Bonding Conductors and Jumpers New: Article 393 Low-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution Systems New: 404.2(C) Grounded Conductor at Switches Controlling Lighting Loads New: 422.23 GFCI at Tire Inflation and Automotive Vacuum Machines New: 440.9 Grounding and Bonding at Outside AC Equipment New: 445.20 GFCI Protection for Receptacles on 15-kW or Smaller, Portable Generators New: 517.18(B); 517.19(B); and 517.19(C) Health Care Facilities – Number of Receptacles New: 690.12 Rapid Shutdown of PV Systems on Buildings New: Article 750 Energy Management Systems

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Analysis of Changes Book 2014