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Course Prefix, Number, Title:   PIT 112  Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts)


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equivalent Equivalent Contact and Credit Hours:  3 Contact Hours / 1 Credit Hours

Course Description:  This course introduces the concepts and rules related to PITs (powered industrial trucks) more commonly known as forklifts. Emphasis is placed on OSHA requirements, required safety components, operation of equipment; and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to understand, verify, and verbally communicate OSHA PIT requirements.

Prerequisites:  None

Co-requisites:  None

Class Location:  online

Class Meeting Times and Days: Meets weekly

Name of Instructor:  n/a

Telephone Extension: 

Office Location: 

Office Hours and Days: 

Required Textbooks: None



Required Materials:  Scientific Calculator

Student Outcomes:  Upon completion of this course the student will have a general
overview of the course material covered and will be able to demonstrate the following

1)  Read and interpret both general PIT OSHA rules and regs. for general industrial and construction settings.
2) Troubleshoot a forklift from a daily checklist or check sheet.
3) Apply standard industry practice to forklift driving, lifting, and moving.

Methodology:  Lecture, lab, demonstration, and hands on activities.

Course Requirements:

Evaluation of Performance:   Written tests - 50%   Labs - 30%
                                                     Demonstration of competencies (Final Exam) - 20%

Grading Scale:                            94 - 100           A
                                                     86 - 93             B
                                                     78 - 85             C
                                                     70 - 77             D
                                                     69/Below         F

Quality of Instruction Statement:  The freeu faculty members are committed to
providing quality instruction.  If there is a concern about the instruction provided,
consult with either the faculty member or freeu directly.

Attendance Policy:  Regular attendance in class is essential to receiving the
maximum benefit from the educational experience.  A student is to attend
and be on time for all classes and lab/shop/clinic sessions.  In all cases of absences, the student is responsible for making up all missed class work and for coming prepared to the class following the absence.


Course Outline:



Overview of PIT Requirements [revised as of 9/21/17]

*eTools are "stand-alone", interactive, Web-based training tools on occupational safety and health topics. They utilize graphical menus as well as expert system modules. As indicated in the disclaimer, eTools do not create new OSHA requirements.

Types & Fundamentals








| Operating the Forklift




  • Pre-Operation
    Inspect and maintain the forklift before use.
  • Traveling and Maneuvering
    Use good operating practices to prevent accidents.
  • Load Handling
    Identify the hazards and recommended practices for each step in the load handling process (including an in-depth discussion on Load Composition).





| Understanding the Workplace








| Training Assistance







OSHA requirements

OSHA 1910.178


Condensed OSHA requirements

click here for the condensed version


Test on OSHA requirements

click here for the written forklift test


Selected answers from the test on OSHA requirements

click here for selected forklift test answers



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