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Course Prefix, Number, Title: PNEU-128  Pneumatics  For assignments click here.

self paced section (no instructor, no registration fee)

Equivalent Contact and Credit Hours: 5 contact, 3 credit Web based

Course Description: This course introduces the basic components and functions of pneumatic systems. Topics include standard symbols, control valves, control assemblies, actuators, FRL units, maintenance procedures, switching and control devices. Upon completion, students should be able to understand the operation of a pneumatics power system, including basic design, application, and troubleshooting.

Prerequisites: None

Co-requisites: None

Class Location: on line

Class Meeting Times and Days: Saturdays

Name of Instructor: TBA

Telephone Extension: TBA

Office Location: TBA

Office Hours and Days: TBA

Required Textbook(s): Basic Pneumatics Revised by Jay F. Hooper

ISBN-10: 1611634113 or ISBN-13: 978-1611634112

Available on for about $26


Required Materials: Listed on page 107 and 108 of the textbook if your group wants to do all of the labs.

Student Outcomes: Upon completion of this course the student will have a general overview of the course material covered and will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

1) Read standard pneumatic symbols

2) Read standard pneumatic prints

3) Troubleshoot common pneumatic circuits  

Methodology: Lecture, lab, demonstration, and hands on activities.

Course Requirements:

Evaluation of Performance: Written tests 60% Labs 20%

Demonstration of competencies 20%

College Grading Scale: 94 - 100 A

86 - 93 B

78 - 85 C

70 - 77 D

69/Below F

Quality of Instruction Statement: The Freeu faculty members are committed to providing quality instruction. If there is a concern about the instruction provided, treatment of an individual or a group of students, or professional conduct of instructors, consult with either the faculty member or Freeu.

College Attendance Policy: Regular attendance in class is essential to receiving the maximum benefit from the educational experience. A student is to attend all classes and lab sessions. In all cases of absences, the student is responsible for making upall missed class work.  

Course Outline and/or Schedule:


Primary air treatment

Schematic and graphic symbols

General force equation

Low pressure pneumatic fittings

Secondary air treatment

Basic pneumatic circuit construction and troubleshooting

The physical world of a machine

Transmission of force and energy

Check valves, accumulators, and cylinders

Flow control valves


Directional control valves 


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