We specialize in training seminars for real world situations for business and industry. We also offer and specialize in training seminars for academic programs with lab coursework.

We have on site seminars available to you, your company, or your school. On site seminars are available for your employees or your group.

We are particularly proud to offer train the trainer seminars that are ready and available for your instructors.


Seminar cost is $70 per hour per person plus any travel expenses. Freeu furnishes the instructor(s). You furnish the room, any equipment and supplies needed, computers, and the books.

Contact the off site training coordinator at:
240 skysail rd.
salisbury, nc 28146 or ca@Freeu.org


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ONGOING 2017-2018 Seminars include: "Conduit Bending", "Starting Your Own Business" and "Code Changes in the 2014 NEC code".

This is a PARTIAL list of other seminars available:

intro. to electricity

motor controls (You can even have your technicians and operators fix 2/3 of your electrical problems with the electricity turned off.)

industrial wiring

electrical troubleshooting for electricians and HVAC techs



computer programming

energy and power

how to hire the right people

getting USEFUL (non biased) feedback for your company

process control in industry

PIT (forklift) training

OSHA for construction

OSHA for manufacturing

technical physics
algebra and trig. for the working person
practical mechanics

blueprint reading for real situations
intro. to CNC

intro. to power transmissions
intro. to millwright work

technical math (H.S. level)
fluid mechanics (2nd year college level)
thermo. (2nd year college level)

word processing (Word TM)
spreadsheets (Excel TM)
effective web sites

quality assurance
scientific quality control
logistics for your company

identity theft
calories and weight
electronic photographs


free SELF PACED online COURSES   
include: PIT (forklift) training (the bookwork and written test part)--SELF PACED SECTION-- and DC/AC Electricity.--SELF PACED SECTION--

Other free SELF PACED COURSES running during the Spring or Fall include:   

PLCs  (programmable logic controllers)--SELF PACED SECTION-- and also a course called Basic Pneumatics --SELF PACED SECTION--. These mini-mester courses start anytime and last for 6-8 weeks.       Your contact for any questions is ca@freeu.org =======================================================

Self paced course COST: FREE


The registration fee for any 2017 requested self paced course with instructor feedback is $299.00 per group (home, school, or work).

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240 Skysail Rd.
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The registration fee per course for any requested self paced course with instructor feedback is $299.00 per group (home, school, or work).


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